Match Reports 2008



For 2008 it was agreed that there would be no link up with St Patrick’s. As a means of preparing for the championship it was decided to enter a team in the County League.

In their opening round of Division 2 Kilsheelan were away to Ardfinnan. Our lads got off to a great start and well taken goals by Donnacha Lonergan and John Kehoe helped them to a half time lead of 3-2 to 1-1. A superb second half goal by Damien Mc Carthy kept his side in control before eventually going on to win by 4-10 to 3-7.
TEAM: Joseph Brennan, Luke Hogan, Miceal Corcoran, Alex Harte, Shane Columby, David Ryan, Kevin Larkin, Donnchadh Corcoran, Riain O Cuinneagain, Dean Mulcahy, Donnacha Lonergan 2-3, John Kehoe 1-1, Conor Murphy 0-3, Damien Mc Carthy 1-3 and Damien Dempsey.

   In the next match Solohead conceded a walkover.

3/2/08: The team travelled to Cappawhite in search of a further brace of points. Due to injuries they had to field understrength. Cappawhite made the best possible start when they had a goal. Kilsheelan recovered quickly from this setback with goals from Donnacha Lonergan, Damien Mc Carthy and Conor Murphy and led at half time by 3-3 to 1-1.

In the second half they never looked like losing their grip on the game and a further goal by Donnacha Lonergan left them clear winners by 4-6 to 2-2. Cappawhite were the physically stronger side but Kilsheelan had the better footballers and deserved their victory.
TEAM: Joseph Brennan, David Corcoran, Miceal Corcoran, Alex Harte, David Ryan, Shane Columby, Kevin Larkin, Donnchadh Corcoran, Riain O Cuinneagain, Dean Mulcahy, Donnacha Lonergan 2-2, Martin O’Dwyer 0-1, Stephen Ahearne 0-1, Damien Mc Carthy 1-2 and Conor Murphy 1-0.

24/2/08: Next time round they travelled to Golden and had an easy win over the home side on a 5-14 to 1-6 scoreline.

9/3/07: They were at home to Ballylooby-Castlegrace in their remaining match. This gave the Selectors an opportunity to give every player a run. Ballylooby had 1-1 on the board before Conor Murphy had Kilsheelan’s opening point after eleven minutes having played against the wind. Ballylooby went on to add two further points. Kilsheelan added points from Damien Mc Carthy and Donnchadh Corcoran. Dean Mulcahy had a goal. Damien Mc Carthy had three further points while Damien Dempsey added another. At the interval Kilsheelan led by 1-7 to 1-4.

With a strong wind in their favour one would feel that an easy victory was in sight. However, it did not turn out that way. In a low key second half Kilsheelan remained in control. Further points from Damien Mc Carthy, Donnacha Lonergan and Riain O’Cuinneagain and a goal by Donnacha Lonergan helped them to victory to 2-11 to 1-6.
TEAM: Joseph Brennan, David Corcoran, Miceal Corcoran, Alex Harte, Martin O’Dwyer, David Ryan, Johnny Ormond, Damien Mc Carthy 0-6, Riain O’Cuinneagain 0-1, Dean Mulcahy 1-0, Damien Dempsey 0-1, Stephen Ahearne, Conor Murphy 0-1, Donnchadh Corcoran 0-1 and John Kehoe.

SUBS: Donnacha Lonergan 1-1 for Martin O’Dwyer, Kevin Larkin for Stephen Ahearne and Shane Columby for Donnchadh Corcoran.

4/4/08: This win put them into the Final against Ardfinnan in Newcastle. Kilsheelan dominated the opening minutes and Damien Mc Carthy had two frees from 30 metres out. Ardfinnan had to wait until the seventh minute to get off the mark courtesy of Joey O’Connor and he followed again three minutes later with another point. They were off target on a number of occasions before getting the decisive score. Daniel Ryan gained possession about forty metres out and nothing seemed on. He went on a solo run, eluded a number of would be tackles before driving the ball to the net from close range. Alex Kirwan followed with a point from a free. Kilsheelan were awarded a sideline kick thirty metres out and Donnchadh Corcoran’s excellent kick went all the way over the bar. The winners were now playing with great confidence. They missed the target a number of times before Kirwan was again on the mark from a close in free. In the twenty ninth minute Damien Mc Carthy pointed a free for Kilsheelan and at half time Ardfinnan deserved their four point cushion of 1-5 to 0-4.

Kilsheelan started the second half in more determined fashion but found scores hard to come by. The winners again took up the running when Alex Kirwan pointed a free and the same player also had one from play. Jason Coffey got his name on the scoring list when he pointed to leave his side ahead by 1-8 to 0-4 after forty five minutes. Billy Hewitt stretched their lead with a further point. Kilsheelan, who had yet to score in the second half, rectified this one minute later. Damien Mc Carthy sent a long range free into the goalmouth where Alex Harte reacted quickest to punch the ball to the net. Unfortunately his side failed to respond to this boost. They did apply pressure but they were caught out by a quick Ardfinnan breakaway where Joey O’Connor sent over the bar. In the closing minutes Daniel Regan had further points to leave his side clear winners on a scoreline of 1-11 to 1-4.

For Kilsheelan it was a disappointing performance having reached the Final unbeaten. In defence they did reasonably well. There major problems were upfront as they could make little headway against a very focused winner’s backline. In fairness to them, it should be noted, that most of their attack still play at U/16 level. They were also at a disadvantage as they had to replace a number of injured players before the end.

Best for Ardfinnan were Michael O’Sullivan, Jonathan Ryan, Joey O’Connor, Billy Hewitt, Daniel Regan and Alex Kirwan.

For Kilsheelan their best players were Joseph Brennan, Miceal Corcoran, Shane Columby, Riain O’Cuinneagain, Damien Mc Carthy and Donnacha Lonergan.

ARDFINNAN: Nigel Carbery, Philip Murphy, Michael O’Sullivan, Karl Costigan, Eoin Walsh, Jonathon Ryan, James O’Mahony, Joey O’Connor 0-3, Billy Hewitt 0-2, Daniel Regan 1-1, Alex Kirwan 0-4, Jason Coffey 0-1, Aaron Cowan, Cormac O’Brien and Michael Condon.

SUBS: Jer Murphy for Aaron Cowan and Darren Bray for Michael Condon.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Joseph Brennan, William Mc Guire, Miceal Corcoran, John Ormonde, Shane Columby, David Ryan, Riain O’Cuinneagain, Donnchadh Corcoran 0-1, Damien Mc Carthy 0-2, Dean Mulcahy 0-1, Donnacha Lonergan, Stephen Ahearne, Alex Harte 1-0, Damien Dempsey and John Kehoe.

SUBS: Martin O’Dwyer for John Kehoe (inj), David Corcoran for Dean Mulcahy (inj) and Norman O’Shea for William Mc Guire (inj).

REFEREE: Tom O’Donnell (Cahir)

29/3/08: Kilsheelan’s opening round in the championship was against Ballyporeen in Marlfield. Ballyporeen produced some fine passages of football and often found loopholes in the Kilsheelan defence with devastating effects. Their attack played well as a unit and all six managed to get on the scoresheet. Kilsheelan enjoyed their best period after the interval but Bally’s half time lead of eleven points always looked to be well beyond their reach.

Kilsheelan got an ideal opportunity when Donnacha Lonergan was grounded in the first minute and they were awarded a penalty. Kilsheelan were unable to capitalise on the chance as Damien Mc Carthy’s shot went wide. Mc Carthy was the dominant figure in the centre of the field as Kilsheelan monopolised play in the opening eight minutes. They had points from Damien Dempsey and Donnacha Lonergan and they looked to be much the better side.

The trend of the game then changed dramatically as Ballyporeen took over. Their first attack came in the ninth minute when Conor Sweeney pointed. Alan Crotty who had an outstanding first half levelled and then put his side ahead with a further point. Glen Walsh stretched their lead with another. Prompted by midfielder Conor Sweeney Ballyporeen went on to lay siege on the Kilsheelan goal. Crotty received a pass from Walsh. His point blank shot was well saved by Joseph Brennan in the Kilsheelan goal but he was not to be denied at the second attempt. Sweeney went on to add two more points and a Paul Quinlan effort left the score at 1-7 to 0-2 after eighteen minutes. Kevin Crotty then got on the scoresheet with a point for the winners. Kilsheelan, who had not scored for seventeen minutes, had a point by Dean Mulcahy. Two minutes before the break Glen Walsh, from close range, again found the net to leave his side with a 2-8 to 0-3 lead at half time.

After the break Kilsheelan had the advantage of the elements. After sustained pressure they had points from Donnacha Lonergan, Damien Mc Carthy (2), one of them a fine long range effort, and Damien Dempsey added another.

Conditions became somewhat unpleasant as the rain came down. Kilsheelan were unable to sustain the effort and Ballyporeen regained the initiative. A Kilsheelan defender fumbled the ball and Danny Barrett booted to the back of the net. Conor Sweeney again pointed. In the forty fourth minute Kilsheelan had the best goal of the match. Getting the ball around the twenty metre line Donnacha Lonergan sent a rising shot to the top corner of the net. Ballyporeen again drove upfield and John O’Callaghan got on the mark with a goal. Donnacha Lonergan had a shot for goal again but the ball was blocked while Martin O’Dwyer following up tapped the ball to an empty net. Kilsheelan’s cause was even made more difficult when they had a player sidelined and the winners were now well in control. They had a further goal from Danny Barrett while sub Alex Harte had Kilsheelan’s last score. Conor Sweeney closed the scoring with a pointed free for his side who won by 5-11 to 2-8.

On this display Ballyporeen are well capable of making a bold bid for honours. Their best players were Jack English, Eanna Meaney, Conor Sweeney, Mick O’Neill, Glen Walsh and Anthony Crotty. For Kilsheelan all is not lost but they would need a higher scoring rate for the number of chances created. Riain O Cuinneagain, Miceal Corcoran, Kevin Larkin, Damien Mc Carthy and Donnacha Lonergan did best for them.

BALLYPOREEN: Liam Mc Eniry, Marcus Hennessy, Jack English, Cian Duggan, Pat Cole, Enna Meaney, Kevin Carey, Conor Sweeney 0-5, Mick O’Neill, Kevin Crotty 0-1, Glen Walsh 1-2, Jack O’Callaghan 1-0, Anthony Crotty 1-2, Danny Barrett 2-0 and Paul Quinlan 0-1.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Joseph Brennan, Riain O Cuinneagain, Miceal Corcoran, John Ormonde, David Ryan, Shane Columby, Kevin Larkin, Donnchadh Corcoran, Damien Mc Carthy 0-2, Dean Mulcahy 0-1, Damien Dempsey 0-2, Stephen Ahearne, John Kehoe, William Mc Guire and Donnacha Lonergan 1-2.

SUBS: Martin O’Dwyer 1-0, Alex Harte 0-1, Norman O’Shea and David Corcoran.

REFEREE: Noel Cosgrave (Marlfield)

6/4/08: Ballylooby-Castlegrace were their next opponents in a windswept and bitterly cold Newcastle. Conor Murphy opened the scoring for Kilsheelan in the first minute. In their next attack his side were awarded a penalty. Damien Mc Carthy made no mistake when he drove the ball well out of the reach of the goalkeeper. Ballylooby settled down, following their first score from Luke Murphy, and began to enjoy a greater share of the play and should have done better as they were off target on a number of occasions with their only reward a further Luke Murphy point. Martin O’Dwyer and John Doyle went on to exchange points and after nineteen minutes Kilsheelan led by 1-2 to 0-3. This margin was doubled when Martin O’Dwyer again pointed while Damien Dempsey did likewise. Ballylooby again hit back with points by John Mc Carthy and Johnny Sweeney. In the closing minutes of the half the winners struck the decisive blow. Good work by Dean Mulcahy put Donnacha Lonergan through for a goal. Conor Murphy, again broke through, and he also found the back of the net to leave Kilsheelan leading by 3-4 to 0-5 at half time.

When play resumed Kilsheelan had a further point from Conor Murphy. In their next drive forward Murphy again got possession and laid off to Dean Mulcahy who hit Kilsheelan’s fourth goal. This was followed by a point from Donnacha Lonergan and with wind assistance Kilsheelan looked set for a runaway win. However, it did not turn out that way. The game then seemed to lose much of its impetus. Ballylooby enjoyed a good share of possession but were unable to make headway upfront. After forty six minutes Luke Murphy had a point for them. With seven minutes to go Miceal Corcoran pointed a free for Kilsheelan and in the closing minutes Luke Murphy closed the scoring with a Ballylooby point as Kilsheelan ran out winners on a scoreline of 4-7 to 0-7.

Best for Kilsheelan were Miceal Corcoran, Shane Columby, David Ryan, Damien Mc Carthy, Dean Mulcahy, Martin O’Dwyer and Conor Murphy.

For Ballylooby Brendan Walsh, Ciaran Maher, John Mc Carthy, John Cooney, Michael & Luke Murphy did best

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Joseph Brennan, David Corcoran, Miceal Corcoran 0-1, John Ormonde, Shane Columby, David Ryan, Riain O’Cuinneagain, Damien Mc Carthy 1-0 , Donnchadh Corcoran , Dean Mulcahy 1-0 , Damien Dempsey 0-1, Martin O’Dwyer 0-2, Alex Harte, Donnacha Lonergan 1-1, and Conor Murphy 1-2.

SUBS: Norman O’Shea for Dean Mulcahy and Dean Mulcahy for Damien Mc Carthy (inj).

BALLYLOOBY-CASTLEGRACE: Brendan Hunter, P J Hanrahan, Ciaran O’Donnell, Brendan Walsh, Ger Beary, Ciaran Maher, Danny Morgan, Michael Murphy, John Mc Carthy 0-1, John Cooney, Luke Murphy 0-4, John Doyle 0-1, Mark Doyle, Daniel Fahy and John Sweeney 0-1.

REFEREE: Tom O’Donnell (Cahir)

Before the game against Ballylooby Kilsheelan had suffered injuries and they received further injuries in this game. Despite the best efforts of the Selectors they did not have sufficient players to continue in the championship and they had to drop out.


Just like the Minor Football having sufficient players was also a problem. Under the Knockmealdowns at Goatenbridge the aptly named Knockmealdown Gaels were Kilsheelan’s first opponents as they sought to retain their U/21 Football South Title.

The ground conditions were perfect but the cross field wind often meant that shots for points tailed off wide. The fair on offer could be questioned at times. The contestants were full of enthusiasm thus providing reasonable entertainment over the hour.

1/3/08: Knockmealdown Gaels, a combination of Fr Sheehy’s, Newcastle and Ballylooby-Castlegrace, started brightly. After two wides they had the opening score from Luke Murphy. Andrew Fitzpatrick, from a free, and Murphy again looked to have the Combo well in control. Kilsheelan began to gain more possession and got off the mark after twelve minutes when Michael Halpin pointed. They continued topress but their lack of drive upfront proved to be their undoing. The winner’s quick passing movements often had the Kilsheelan defence under pressure. Luke Murphy restored his sides three point lead with a further point. Points in quick succession by Ian Coughlan from and free and Ross Larkin reduced the lead to the minimum.

The decisive score came after twenty three minutes. Questions could be asked about the number of steps taken by Ger O’Donnell when he went on a solo run, his well placed shot came back off the crossbar, where the inrushing Colin Magill punched to the net. Kilsheelan enjoyed a good spell and had points from Conor Horgan and a Donnacha Lonergan free. The winners had the last word of the half when Ger O’Donnell pointed to give his side a lead of 1-5 to 0-5 at the break.

When play resumed Kilsheelan had made wholesale changes as they went on to dominate the opening ten minutes. However this period of supremacy faded out and the “Gaels” regained the initiative. Luke Murphy, after a good passing movement, and Andrew Fitzpatrick added points as their side continued to grow in confidence. They had further points from Ger O’Donnell, Paul Mc Grath after a poor kickout, and the same player added another from an acute angle. Andrew Fitzpatrick was again on the mark and left his side leading by 1-10 to 0-5 after nineteen minutes. The Knockmealdown defence were now well in control keeping a tight rein on a Kilsheelan attack that failed to score in the second half. In the closing stages they had further points by Andrew Fitzpatrick, Paul Mc Grath, Conor Grant and Mc Grath again to run out convincing winners on a scoreline of 1-15 to 0-5.

The best players for “The Gaels”were Shane Hickey, Stephen & Fintan Morgan, Ger O’Donnell, Luke Murphy, Paul Mc Grath and Andrew Fitzpatrick.

Their best players were Darren Mc Carthy when he moved outfield, Riain & Naoise O Cuinneagain, Ross Larkin and Michael Halpin.

KNOCKMEALDOWN GAELS: Shane Fox, Kieran O’Donnell, Shane Hickey, Tom Kennedy, John Mc Carthy, Stephen Morgan, Shane Ryan, Pat Mulcahy, Fintan Morgan, Ger O’Donnell 0-2, Colin Magill 1-0, Luke Murphy 0-3, Paul Mc Grath 0-4, Conor Grant 0-2 and Andrew Fitzpatrick 0-4.

SUBS: Mark Fitzgerald for Colin Magill, Caoimhin Mc Grath for John Mc Carthy, Kevin O’Donnell for Andrew Fitzpatrick, William Condon for Conor Grant and David Conran for Luke Murphy

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Darren Mc Carthy, Miceal Corcoran, Shane Prendergast, Riain O Cuinneagain, Paul Kennedy, Naoise O Cuinneagin, Ian Coughlan 0-1, Ross Larkin 0-1, James Geraghty, Conor Horgan 0-1, Michael Halpin 0-1, Barry Cloona, Donnchadh Corcoran, Donnacha Lonergan 0-1 and Ritchie Doyle.

REFEREE: Derek O’Mahony (Ardfinnan)

8/3/08: Cahir availed of the opportunity to make further progress when they got the better of Kilsheelan-Kilcash under the Ballyporeen lights in the losers section.

From the outset Cahir looked the more likely winners. They were on top in most areas thus ensuring their attack got plenty of possession. In this area they had the best player on view in the person of Michael Hickey. The ploy of getting the ball to him and his ability to create space paid off handsomely especially in the opening quarter and he finished with a tally of seven points. They were well in control in defence especially in the first half but one would have to say that they seldom came under any great pressure

For an understrength Kilsheelan side, it was a disappointing outing but like the previous week they were lacking ideas upfront to finish off some promising movements.

Cahir got off the mark after two minutes when Michael Hickey pointed a free. Moments later the same player again found the target with a well taken point following a good passing movement. After nine minutes Hickey again added to his side’s total. The game’s only goal came in the eleventh minute. Paul Mc Eniry’s shot for a point came back off the crossbar and Daryl Peters was in the right place to send the rebound to the net. Kilsheelan were again under pressure with a slick passing movement and they were forced to foul and Hickey obliged with a point. It took Kilsheelan fourteen minutes to get their opening score when Ritchie Doyle sent over the bar. Michael Hickey again pointed a free to restore his side’s seven point lead. Kilsheelan introduced Damien Mc Carthy and he made his presence felt with a point. Kilsheelan enjoyed a good spell forcing three ‘45’s but were unable to add to their tally. That man Hickey again pointed for Cahir and at half time they led by 1-6 to 0-2.

The scoring rate dropped in the second half but the game was much more competitive. Ross Larkin pointed a Kilsheelan free but this was cancelled out by an Eddie Kenrick point for Cahir. Kilsheelan went on to enjoy a good spell. Michael Halpin sent over the bar. Damien Mc Carthy went on a solo run to score a hard earned point. The leeway was now down to five points. Kilsheelan continued to secure a good share of possession upfront but failed to put it to good effect. Cahir again dominated the last eight minutes when they had points from Michael Hickey and sub Niall Farrell but for faulty shooting they could have added to their total and were convincing winners in the end by 1-9 to 0-5.

Best for Cahir were John O’Brien, Aidan Burke, Aidan Casey, Eddie Kenrick, Paul Mc Eniry and Michael Hickey.

For Kilsheelan Darren Mc Carthy, Naoise & Riain O Cuinneagain, Michael Halpin and Damien Mc Carthy did best.

CAHIR: Aaron Wall, Joe Mc Eniry, John O’Brien, Ronan Farrell, Ger Hally, Aidan Burke, Liam Meehan, Aidan Casey, Eddie Kenrick 0-1, Paul Mc Eniry, Edmond Meehan, Daryl Peters 1-0, Stephen Conran, Niall Carey and Michael Hickey 0-7.

SUBS: Niall Farrell 0-1 for Daryl Peters, Shane Murphy for Stephen Conran, John O’Reilly Jnr for Joe Mc Eniry and Willie Reidy for Ronan Farrell.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Darren Mc Carthy, Miceal Corcoran, Shane Prendergast, Shane Columby, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Paul Kennedy, Ken Hogan, Donnchadh Corcoran, Michael Halpin 0-1, Ross Larkin 0-1, James Geraghty, Donnacha Lonergan, Ian Coughlan, Riain O’Cuinneagain and Ritchie Doyle 0-1.

Damien Mc Carthy 0-2 for Ritchie Doyle

REFEREE: Donie Cahill (Ballyporeen)


25/6/08: In their opening round of the Junior “B” Football championship Kilsheelan travelled to Ardfinnan to take on Fr Sheehy’s. Selectors Johnny Fitzpatrick, John Larkin and Martin Ormonde had the side well prepared. From an early stage it was obvious that Kilsheelan would be the likely winners. They had early points from Brian Connolly, Richard Crotty, Senan & Ciaran O’Halloran. Declan O’Brien shot an excellent goal from a ground shot from twenty metres. Two further points from Brian Connolly and one from Ciaran O’Halloran left Kilsheelan leading by 2-7 to 0-0 after twenty five minutes. One minute later Richard Crotty shot a goal while Brian Connolly tacked on a point. The Clogheen side did have a number of chances but the Kilsheelan defence held firm as they led at half time by 2-8 to 0-0.

In the second half Kilsheelan faced the wind which had lost much of its momentum. They had further points from Declan O’Brien, a goal by Brian Connolly after a good run by Damien Mc Carthy. The one way traffic continued. Brian Connolly had another goal. The points continued to tally. In the closing stages sub Jim Healy had another goal as Kilsheelan ran out winners by 5-17 to 0-1. Fr Sheehy’s only score came from a free for John O’Donnell near the end.

This was a very impressive performance by Kilsheelan with hardly a weak link on the side and a total on nine players got on the scoresheet.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Michael Dempsey, Shane Prendergast, Christy Ryan, Peter O’Connell, William Larkin, Senan O’Halloran 0-1, Jason Fogarty 0-1, Darren Mc Carthy 0-1, Eddie O’Connell, Damien Cahill 0-2, Ross Larkin, Declan O’Brien 1-4, Brian Connolly 2-4, Richard Crotty 1-1 and Ciaran O’Halloran 0-3.

SUBS: Eoin Ryan (K) for Ciaran O’Halloran, Ciaran Gibbs for Brian Connolly, Jim Healy 1-0 for Richard Crotty,

Dan O’Connor for Christy Ryan and Derek Kennedy for Jason Fogarty.

9/7/08: In the next round at Ardfinnan, Kilsheelan-Kilcash having beaten Ballyporeen last year, made heavy work of repeating the result on this occasion. They played their best football against the wind in the first half and often had the Ballyporeen defence at full stretch.

Ballyporeen were first off the mark with a point from Glen Walsh who was easily his side’s best forward. Ciaran O’Halloran levelled from a free and Darren Mc Carthy put Kilsheelan ahead with a point from a ’45. Ballyporeen again levelled when midfielder Kevin Lynch was on target from a long range free. His side went ahead when Glen Walsh pointed. Moments later the same player had a great chance of a goal only for Michael Dempsey in the Kilsheelan goal bringing off a fine save. Walsh went on to make amends when he increased his side’s lead to two points. Kilsheelan were now well on top and it began to pay off. Declan O’Brien pointed after good approach work by William Larkin while Ross Larkin was also on target.

After eighteen minutes the winner’s Jason Fogarty was injured and his replacement Colm Sweeney made an immediate impact when he pointed twice. At the interval it was looking ominous for Ballyporeen as they were in arrears by 0-6 to 0-4 and also had to face the elements.

On resumption Eddie O’Connell pointed. Colm Sweeney did likewise while Declan O’Brien added another. The tempo of the game had dropped considerably at this stage. The winners were very much the guilty ones in front of goal and indeed failed to score in the last fourteen minutes.

In the last ten minutes Ballyporeen enjoyed a lot more possession. They had their lone second half point from Simon Hickey, had they got through for a goal they might have wrest they were awarded a penalty but Ciaran O’Halloran’s shot was well saved by Ballyporeen goalkeeper Paul Quinlan. Kilsheelan ran out winners by 0-9 to 0-5, a game which they should have sewn up long before the end.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Michael Dempsey, Alan Fitzgibbon, Shane Prendergast, Peter O’Connell, Oisin O’Cuinneagain, Senan O’Halloran, William Larkin, Eddie O’Connell 0-1, Darren Mc Carthy 0-1, Jason Fogarty, Declan O’Brien 0-2, Ross Larkin 0-1, Damien Cahill, Richard Crotty and Ciaran O’Halloran 0-1.

SUBS: Colm Sweeney 0-3 for Jason Fogarty (inj), Ciaran Gibbs for Richard Crotty, Christy Ryan for Peter O’Connell and Derek Kennedy for Damien Cahill.

BALLYPOREEN: Paul Quinlan, Jimmy Quinlan, Thomas Drislane, Eamon O’Brien, Davy O’Neill, Paul O’Gorman, Michael O’Neill, Willie Cahill, Kevin Lynch 0-1, Harry English, Noel O’Gorman, Kenneth English, Simon Hickey 0-1, Ian O’Donnell and Glen Walsh 0-3.

SUBS: Conor O’Farrell for Paul O’Gorman, Thomas Nee for Kevin Lynch and Paddy O’Donnell for Davy O’Neill.

REFEREE: John Mc Conagley (Ballylooby)

6/8/08: At Cloneen against Mullinahone Kilsheelan made the best possible start. Damien Cahill’s shot for a point from an angle ended up in the far corner of the net after two minutes. Mullinahone had to wait another eight minutes for their opening score when Bill Tobin pointed while Dan Croke was also on the mark. In the fourteenth minute Kilsheelan added a further goal. Declan O’Brien went on a fifty metre solo run and was fouled and earned himself a penalty. The same player duly dispatched the ball to the corner of the net. Dan Croke pointed a free for the winners while Richard Crotty added another for Kilsheelan.

Mullinahone were now getting a grip on the game and were right back in it when they were awarded a penalty. Niall Cronin was entrusted with the kick and he made no mistake for a goal. Kilsheelan regained their two point margin when Brian Connolly pointed a free. The winners continued to set the pace with a pointed free from Dan Croke. A further point from Declan Mc Namara when the ball came back off the crossbar leaving the side’s level at half time at Mullinahone 1-5 to Kilsheelan’s 2-2.

On the resumption Mullinahone regained the lead which they never surrendered. Dan Croke was twice on the mark when he pointed from play. Brian Connolly had a point from a Kilsheelan free while Dan Croke did likewise at the other end. Mullinahone continued to be the better side and looked the likely winners. Again Brian Connolly pointed a free to reduce the margin. Sub Ian Gahan pointed for Mullinahone to leave them ahead 1-9 to 2-4 after fifty one minutes.

With defeat now staring them in the face Kilsheelan upped the tempo. They shot a number of wides which were to prove costly in the end. After fifty eight minutes Brian Connolly pointed a free. They continued to have chances in the closing stages but failed to convert them and it was Mullinahone’s night by a whisker on a scoreline of 1-9 to 2-5.

MULLINAHONE: Alan Walsh, Kieran O’Shea, John Murphy, Danny O’Brien, Niall Mullaly, James Maher, Jamie Mc Grath, Ned Tobin, Mark O’Brien, Niall Cronin 1-0, Bill Tobin 0-1, Sean Curran , Declan Mc Namara 0-1, Shane Ahearne and Dan Croke 0-6.

SUBS: Ian Gahan 0-1 for Mark O’Brien, Adrian Doheny for Bill Tobin, Brendan O’Sullivan for Declan Mc Namara, Nigel O’Brien for Niall Cronin and Larry Needham for Dan Croke.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Roger Doyle, Dan O’Connor, Christy Ryan, Alan Fitzgibbon, Colm Sweeney, William Larkin, Peter O’Connell, Eddie O’Connell, Senan O’Halloran, Damien Cahill 1-0, Declan O’Brien 1-0, Ciaran Gibbs, Richard Crotty 0-1, Jim Healy and Brian Connolly 0-4.

SUBS: Donnchadh Cronin for Ciaran Gibbs, Aidan Walsh for Jim Healy, Derek Kennedy for Richard Crotty and Edward Colum for Alan Fitzgibbon.

REFEREE: Keith Delahunty (Moyle Rovers)

23/7/08: In the third round at Fethard Kilsheelan-Kilcash took on Killenaule. In the first half Kilsheelan were much the better side. They had goals from Ross Larkin after fifteen minutes, Shane Prendergast five minutes later and just before the interval Eddie O’Connell added another. Killenaule received another set back when they were reduced to fourteen players after twenty minutes. They did reduce the leeway with points by Conor O’Donnell and Niall Berry and at the break Kilsheelan led by 3-4 to 0-3.

Facing into the second half it looked as if Kilsheelan would coast to an easy win. Despite their handicap Killenaule did not see it this way. They had second half goals from P J Hayes and Michael O’Connor but they never looked like catching up with the winners and in the end Kilsheelan ran out with a six point victory on a scoreline of 3-8 to 2-4.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Michael Dempsey, Dan O’Connor, Christy Ryan, Alan Fitzgibbon, Shane Prendergast 1-0, Jimmy Ryan, Peter O’Connell, Oisin O’Cuinneagain, Darren Mc Carthy 0-4, Eddie O’Connell 1-0, Ross Larkin 1-1, Declan O’Brien 0-2, Ciaran O’Halloran, Jason Fogarty and Colm Sweeney 0-1.

SUBS: Roger Doyle for Michael Dempsey (inj), Richard Crotty for Dan O’Connor, Damien Cahill for Ross Larkin and Brian Connolly for Darren Mc Carthy.

KILLENAULE: Jonathon Berry, Michael Webster, Pakie Ryan, Alan Burke, Darragh Prendergast, Pat Bolger, Declan Berry, Anthony Guinan, Michael O’Connor 1-0, Paudie Kennedy, P J Hayes 1-0, Niall Berry 0-1, Tom Shelly 0-1, John Cooke and Conor O’Donnell 0-2.

SUBS: Matthew Ryan for Tom Shelly, Gavin Morrissey for P J Hayes, J J Webster for Michael O’Connor and Michael Hickey for Matthew Ryan.

REFEREE: Seamie Mullins (St Mary’s)

10/9/08: The Semi Final against Clonmel Og took place at a wet and windy Monroe. Clonmel Og had first use of the elements and their attack enjoyed the lion’s share of the spoils. They missed an easy free early on but eventually opened the scoring after eight minutes when Darren Burns shot a great point from a sideline kick about forty five metres out and moment s later Paul Landers added another point. The Clonmel side continued to attack in waves but came up against a Kilsheelan defence that was outstanding. The most notable being the veterans William Larkin and Dan O’Connor with good assistance from Christy Ryan.

Paul Landers, who was a thorn in the Kilsheelan defence, landed another point and minutes later he was quickest to the ball to register another point. The wind was now at its strongest and Kilsheelan goalkeeper Michael Dempsey had difficulty in getting length into his kickouts. Despite not scoring Kilsheelan were doing well but should have done better when a number of promising attacks were turned back by a Clonmel defence that did not stand on ceremony. In this area the evergreen Tony Smyth, David Peters and John Landers were instrumental in setting up counter attacks. Richard Maunsell extended their total to four points when he sent over after nineteen minutes and three minutes later he repeated the act from an acute angle. After twenty seven minutes Ger Cunningham had another point and at the break his side led by 0-6 to 0-0. Having failed to score Kilsheelan could look forward to the second half confident of wiping out this six point deficit.

On the resumption they finally opened their account with a point by Damien Cahill. The Kilsheelan attack was making little impression and their cause was further hit as the wind had now lost much of its impetus. Their tactic of the long delivery looked to be the best option but with the Clonmel Og side defending in numbers it was often the springboard for a counter attack. Kilsheelan had a trump card in midfielder Eddie O’Connell but his attack failed to respond to his promptings. The next score did not arrive until the forty eight minute, a quick break by the winners resulted in a point from Paul Landers while Darren Burns added a further point and Kilsheelan’s hopes of victory were slipping away. The winners were now enjoying a good share of the play they were physically the stronger side and the difficult conditions were more suited to them.

Colm Sweeney pointed for Kilsheelan while the ever dangerous Darren Burns did likewise for Clonmel Og. Kilsheelan pressed in the final minutes and Ross Larkin cut in from the wing and shot to the corner of the net for the games only goal. However, this was too little too late and the final whistle went after the kickout to leave the Clonmel side deserving winners on a scoreline of 0-9 to 1-2.

While ground conditions were excellent the participants had to be content with a very strong wind and frequent showers thus making good football difficult and every score was going to be hard earned. However, one would have to say that both sides showed determination as they went about their task and it made for a very entertaining spectacle.

CLONMEL OG: Mark Prout, Darren Boland, Tony Smyth, John Landers, Jason Quinn, David Peters, Kevin Mc Grath, David Thompson, Stephen Kearns, Ger Cunningham 0-1, Darren Burns 0-3, Paul Cagney, Mark Casey, Ritchie Maunsell 0-2 and Paul Landers 0-3.

SUBS: Paul Purcell for Ritchie Maunsell and Andrew Laste for Mark Casey.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Michael Dempsey, Dan O’Connor, Christy Ryan, Shane Prendergast, Jason Fogarty, William Larkin, Colm Sweeney 0-1, Eddie O’Connell. Senan O’Halloran, Damien Cahill 0-1, Ross Larkin1-0, Darren Mc Carthy, Ciaran O’Hallorna, Richard Crotty and Brian Connolly.

SUBS: Oisin O’Cuinneagain for Brian Connolly, Derek Kennedy for Richard Crotty, Peter O’Connell for Dan O’Connor and Darren Mc Carthy.

REFEREE: Derek O’Mahoney (Ardfinnan).



2/5/08: It was a very much understrength Kilsheelan side who travelled to Marlfield for their first outing. The Clonmel side looked to be a well prepared and were much the sharper team. Their defence lead by Mark Gregory and Noel Walsh kept a tight rein on their opponents. Midfielders Shane Kearney and John Crotty ensured that their attack got plenty chances to chalk up the scores. In this area they were well served by Karl Kearney and freetaker Jonathon O’Donoghue.

It was end to end fare in the opening minutes before Jonathon O’Donoghue had a point from a free for the winners. Immediately following this score they got a grip on the game. Ivan Mc Menamin’s turn of speed was instrumental in setting up Karl Kearney for his side’s first goal in the ninth minute. O’Donoghue was again on the mark for Clonmel Og with a point. Kilsheelan’s opening score arrived after twelve minutes when Michael Halpin pointed a free. Clonmel Og immediately hit back when Karl Kearney pointed from play about thirty metres out. The Kilsheelan attack were getting a fair share of possession but were unable to unsettle a Clonmel side growing in confidence. They did get on the mark when Donnacha Lonergan showing good persistence shot over the bar. The winners registered the next three points when Jonathon O’Donoghue had one from a free and one from play while Ian Purcell added another. In the closing stages of the half O’Donoghue was again on the mark both from play and a free while Kilsheelan’s only reply was a point by Pierce Larkin. At half time Clonmel Og were well in control as they led by 1-7 to 0-3.

When play resumed the winners had a number of wides while the Kilsheelan attack did threaten a number of times they were easily dispossessed. In the 39th minute the Clonmel side had their second goal when Ian Purcell passed to Dwayne Burns and he gave David Power in the Kilsheelan goal no chance. They continued to pile on the pressure and they were rewarded with points from Jonathon O’Donoghue from a free, Karl Kearney and Ivan Mc Menamin to leave them leading by 2-11 to 0-3 after forty seven minutes. Michael Condon, coming up form defence took a pass, to also find the target. After this Kilsheelan had their only point of the half when sub Ian Coughlan was on the mark. In the closing ten minutes John Roche made a number of determined runs at the Clonmel defence. One of these efforts resulted in Michael Halpin having his side’s only goal. With time almost up Dwaine Burns pointed to leave his side emphatic winners by 2-12 to 1-4.

For Kilsheelan this performance left them with plenty of food for thought. The side is much changed since last year when they reached the County Semi Final. They had defensive problems from an early stage. Despite a number of positional changes they had little effect. At midfield John Roche had a good closing twenty minutes as he tried to rally those around him. Up front their total of 1-4 speaks for itself. Michael Halpin was the pick of this area while second half sub Ian Coughlan could be satisfied with his performance.

Kilsheelan need to regroup. They are capable of fielding a much stronger side and would need to do so if they are to advance to the knockout stages. On a final note the match was played in excellent conditions with little or no wind and the surface was in perfect order.

CLONMEL OG: Keith Madigan, Aidan Fox, Mark Gregory, Brian Gentles, Michael Condon 0-1, Noel Walsh, Johnny Cagney, Shane Kearney, John Crotty, Ian Purcell 0-1, Robbie Hickey, Jonathon O’Donoghue 0-5, Ivan Mc Menamin 0-1, Karl Kearney 1-3 and Dwayne Burns 1-1.

SUBS: Gavin Waters for Ivan Mc Menamin, Conor O’Mahony for John Crotty, Cian Hogan for Michael Condon and Ross Aylward for Ian Purcell.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Martin Larkin, Keith O’Brien, Noel Ryan, Keith Robinson,  Pakie Larkin, Naoise O Cuinneagain, John Roche, Niall Walsh, Niall Cloona, Pakie Larkin 0-1, Michael Halpin 1-1, Donnacha Lonergan 0-1, Edward Sweeney and James Geraghty.

SUBS: Ian Coughlan 0-1 for Niall Cloona and John Noonan for James Geraghty.

REFEREE: Keith Delahunty (Moyle Rovers)

1/6/08: Played at Cahir, Ballyporeen from an early stage, looked the likely winners eventually overcoming a disappointing Kilsheelan side by a three point margin.

From the outset the bigger and stronger Ballyporeen team were much the better side. They were yards faster to the ball and their well executed passing movements proved difficult for Kilsheelan to come to terms with. In defence Michael Kenneally and Paul Hyland gave little away. In the middle of the field Owen Kearney and David Hyland enjoyed the greater share of possession. On many occasions their half forward line were well placed to pick up the high balls when broken down to them. Much of their good approach work was spoiled by faulty shooting and in reality should have been further ahead at the final whistle.

For Kilsheelan it was an improvement on their previous outing, however, they would need to up the pace considerably in their remaining games otherwise they will be in danger of missing out on the knockout stages. They were not competitive enough in competing for the 50/50 balls and when they did get possession invariably they were surrounded by at least one opponent and were often easily dispossessed. Their attack finished strongly but most of their scores came by the placed ball route. The return of Tommy Ryan added some stability to the defence where veteran Martin Larkin also tried his heart out.

Ballyporeen struck the decisive blow after four minutes with the only goal of the game. Owen Kearney was the instigator. Larry Brophy got possession close to goal. Kilsheelan goalkeeper David Power made a fine save only for Brophy to regain possession and shoot to the net. Undaunted by this blow Kilsheelan were on the mark. Good work by John Noonan resulted in a Michael Mc Hugh point. After ten minutes the sides were level when McHugh was on the mark from two frees. Ballyporeen were well on top and missed several chances of points before Larry Brophy sent over the bar. Thomas Molan added a further point. Kilsheelan went in search of a score, defenders were caught too far upfield and in a breakaway Owen Kearney pointed. Kilsheelan had their fourth point when Tommy Ryan, moving up from defence, shot from far out and after seventeen minutes Ballyporeen led by 1-3 to 0-4. David Hyland added two points for Ballyporeen, one a fine effort from out near the sideline. They had a great chance of a further goal only for Owen Kearney to shoot wide. County Minor Conor Sweeney closed the first half scoring with a pointed free as his side led by 1-6 to 0-4.

On resumption Kilsheelan badly needed a score if they were to stay in contention but it was Ballyporeen who stretched their lead with a Darragh Lyons point. Sub Ian Coughlan, who brought some improvement to the Kilsheelan attack, pointed from a narrow angle. Conor Sweeney restored his side’s six point advantage when he pointed a free. A determined run by Michael Halpin earned him a free and Michael Mc Hugh pointed while John Noonan added another after some good teamwork. Any sign of a Kilsheelan comeback was obliterated when David Hyland sent over the bar for the winners. Kilsheelan rallied. Michael Mc Hugh was on the mark from a free while sub Pierce Larkin did likewise from play.  Conor Sweeney’s solo run was rewarded when he sent over the bar for the winners. Kilsheelan badly needed a goal if they were to stage a grandstand finish but had to be satisfied with a pointed free as they lost by 1-10 to 0-10.

BALLYPOREEN: Jack English, Fergal Mc Gloughlin, Michael Kenneally, Paul Hennessy, Shane Molan, Paul Hyland, David Russell, Owen Kearney 0-1, David Hyland 0-3, Conor Sweeney 0-3, Thomas Molan 0-1, Darragh Lyons 0-1, Larry Brophy 1-1, Joe English and M J Meaney.

SUBS: Danny Hannon for David Russell, Paudie Fitzgerald for David Hyland and Eanna Meaney for Paul Hyland and Donal Shine for Joe English.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Martin Larkin, Keith O’Brien, Noel Ryan, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Tommy Ryan 0-1, Michael Halpin, John Roche, Keith Robinson, Niall Cloona, Adrian Walsh, Donnacha Lonergan, John Noonan 0-1, Michael Mc Hugh 0-6 and Edward Sweeney.

SUBS: Ian Coughlan 0-1 for Edward Sweeney, Pierce Larkin 0-1 for Niall Cloona, Paul Denn for Donnacha Lonergan and James Geraghty for Keith Robinson.

REFEREE: Keith Delahunty (Moyle Rovers)

22/6/08: Kilsheelan- Kilcash were simply in a different league to a very poor Commercial side in the next game played at home. After suffering two defeats so far this result was a welcome boost to Kilsheelan. At no stage in the game was there likely to be a different result as they romped to an easy victory.

From the throw-in they quickly made their intentions known when James Geraghty pointed in the opening minute followed by another from Niall Cloona. Playing with the aid of a stiff breeze, Commercials were already playing catch-up and it took goalkeeper Philly Ryan to open their account with a point, from a ’45, after five minutes. Kilsheelan continued to dominate and playing a fast running game against the breeze was proving fruitful.

John Roche and Eoin Ryan were on top at centre field while upfront Adrian Walsh, Niall Cloona and Michael Mc Hugh were most prominent. They continued to leave their mark with a string of points from Michael Mc Hugh, Niall Cloona and John Roche. Just before the interval James Geraghty shot a goal which effectively ended the game as a contest as at half time the winners led by 1-9 to 0-3.

Turning into the second half with the aid of a breeze and with a nine point advantage Kilsheelan were in a comfortable position and they continued their dominance with only a token resistance from Commercials. Goals from Eoin Ryan and John Noonan after nine and nineteen minutes added to the Clonmel side’s woes. They had further points from Eoin Ryan, Eddie Sweeney, Michael Mc Hugh, Tommy Ryan and sub Damien Mc Carthy. Throughout the second half they played good football and were good value for their win. Commercials did battle to the end and to their credit they forced a penalty in the last minute. However, the shot was well saved by David Power as his side went on to claim an all too easy victory by 3-14 to 0-5..

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Martin Larkin, Keith O’Brien, Noel Ryan, Niall Walsh, Tommy Ryan 0-1, Michael Halpin, John Roche 0-1, Eoin Ryan 1-1, Michael Mc Hugh 0-5, James Geraghty 1-1, Niall Cloona 0-3, Edward Sweeney 1-1, Adrian Walsh and John Noonan.

SUBS: Damien Mc Carthy 0-1, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Pakie Larkin, Paul Kennedy and Pierce Larkin.

CLONMEL COMMERCIALS: Philly Ryan, Thomas O’Mahoney, Paul Wynne, Liam Murphy, Colm Nolan, Tomas O’Ceallaigh, Brian O’Hara, Brian Carroll, Liam Phelan, Kevin O’Callaghan, Ritchie Carroll, Margaret Kennedy, Cian Evans, Eoin Leahy and Fergal Condon.

SUBS: Keith Fahey, Alan Ward and Ian Kavanagh

27/7/08: Fr. Sheehy’s were Kilsheelan’s next opponents at Newcastle. Both teams went into this game needing to win and it was Kilsheelan who wanted it most. Their hunger and their will to win allied to their better teamwork helped them power past a disjointed Fr. Sheehy’s who found it impossible to get into any sort of rhythm.

Although Fr. Sheehy’s started brightest with early points from Paul McGrath and Liam O’Connor Kilsheelan slowly came into the game and by the tenth minute they were controlling the middle third of the field as their half backs, in particular mopped up every breaking ball and quickly moved it into the forwards. By twenty minutes the pattern of the game was clear as Kilsheelan rattled over seven unanswered points, three from Michael McHugh, two from John Noonan and one apiece from Keith Robinson and Martin Larkin. A Liam Fleming point for Fr. Sheehy’s temporarily stemmed the flow but three more Michael McHugh points merely served to demonstrate Kilsheelan’s dominance. Paul McGrath and Adrian Walsh exchanged points to leave the half time score 0-11 to 0-4.

Fr. Sheehy’s made a determined start to the second half and a Shane McGrath point reduced the deficit after two minutes but they were dealt a body blow in the thirty seventh minute when Kilsheelan got their first goal after they failed to clear their lines. That goal shattered Fr. Sheehy’s fragile confidance and Kilsheelan went on to press home their advantage. Any hope of a comeback for Fr. Sheehy’s ended when substitute Paul Denn fired home Kilsheelan’s second goal after fifty minutes. This was followed by an Adrian Walsh goal to give his side victory by 3-16 to 0-5..

Kilsheelan’s half back line of Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan and Niall Walsh and their midfield pairing John Roche and Eoin Ryan can take most of the credit for this win, they completely dominated the game and delivered an almost unending supply of ball to the forward line in which Michael McHugh, John Noonan and Niall Walsh were prominent.

For Fr. Sheehy’s this was a poor performance and one well below what they are capable of. Nothing seemed to go right for them on the day in spite of the best efforts of Declan English and John Corbett in defence, and Liam Fleming, Paul McGrath and Liam O’Connor up front.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Keith O’Brien, Jimmy Ryan, Noel Ryan, Martin Larkin 0-1, Tommy Ryan, Niall Walsh, John Roche 0-1, Eoin Ryan,  Pakie Larkin 0-1, Adrian Walsh 1-1, Michael McHugh 0-7, John Noonan 0-2, Keith Robinson 1-1, and Eddie Sweeney.

SUBS: Michael Halpin, Paul Denn 1-1, Donnacha Lonergan 0-1, Ian Coughlan and Damien McCarthy.

FR SHEEHY’S: Owen Myers, Declan English, Alan McGrath, Eoin Flynn, Liam Condon, John Corbett, Pat Ryan, Tom Conway, Richie McGrath, Cian O’Brien, Liam Fleming 0-1, Paul Noonan, Paul McGrath 0-2 Liam O’Connor 0-1, Darragh Costelloe.

SUBS: Shane McGrath 0-1 Pat Moran and Shane Fox.

3/8/08: Kilsheelan-Kilcash needed the two points against Moyle Rovers in Ardfinnan in order to reach the Semi Final. The match was played under ideal conditions and the threatening showers remained absent. This turned out to be a rather poor contest and much of the short passing never reached its intended target and overall it was very much a low key affair. Kilsheelan were the dominant side for long periods but their good approach work was often spoiled by some deplorable shooting – an area that needs urgent attention as they enter the business end of things. Moyle Rovers, to their credit, recovered after a poor start and it was indeed only in the closing stages that victory disappeared from their grasp. Finding a route to goal was beyond them but a little more penetration in this area would have resulted in a closer finish.

The winners had the ball in the net after thirty seven seconds. Michael Mc Hugh found Michael Halpin, who moved up from defence and was’nt picked up and instead of taking a point he made ground, kept his cool, and found the corner of the net. If the winners thought it was going to be easy they soon found out otherwise as Moyle Rovers made light of this setback. Their defence, where Noel Wall, Darren Nolan and Barry Molloy were most impressive, had tightened up considerably and they began to take the game to their opponents. Their best attacker T J Wall opened their account when he pointed a free forty five metres out. One minute later the same player had an excellent point from play. By the thirteenth minute they were on level terms when Eoin Fogarty pointed. Three minutes later Kilsheelan struck for their second goal. Defender Tommy Ryan raced up the field, laid off to Adrian Walsh who in turn found the unmarked John Noonan and the former Fethard player picked his spot for an excellently worked goal.

T J Wall had another Rover’s point from a free. Led by Keith O’Brien, Noel Ryan and Michael Halpin in defence Kilsheelan began to dominate the remainder of the half. Unfortunately for them their attack was misfiring in front of goal and they had to wait until the twenty fifth minute for their first point with Michael Halpin showing how it is done. In the closing minutes Michael Mc Hugh had a point from a free and also one from play to leave his side ahead by 2-3 to 0-4 at the break.

On the restart the winners were still well in control as the squandermania in front of goal continued. It was eleven minutes into the half when their next score arrived when midfielder and one of their best players John Roche pointed. Two minutes later T J Wall sent over the bar from a free for Moyle Rovers. Kilsheelan’s Adrian Walsh, who posed the greatest threat up front was rewarded with a point.

Moyle Rovers were now playing their best football. Anthony Burke sent over the bar from a difficult angle. With eight minutes to go a T J Wall delivery was fielded by Anthony Burke inside the Kilsheelan defence and with only the goalkeeper to beat he shot over the bar. T J Wall had another point and Kilsheelan’s 2-5 to 0-8 lead suddenly looked vulnerable.

The winners finished with a flourish. Sub Donnacha Lonergan picked out the in-rushing Eoin Ryan and he sent over. John Roche had one of the best points of the match when he sent over from a long way out. Michael Mc Hugh pointed a free from forty five metres and he also added one from play to leave his side clear but unimpressive winners by 2-9 to 0-8.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Niall Walsh, Keith O’Brien, Noel Ryan, Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan, Michael Halpin 1-1, John Roche 0-2, Eoin Ryan 0-1, Pakie Larkin, Adrian Walsh 0-1, Michael Mc Hugh 0-4, John Noonan 1-0, Keith Robinson and Eddie Sweeney.

SUBS: Paul Denn for Niall Walsh (inj), Ian Coughlan for Paul Denn, Donnacha Lonergan for John Noonan,

MOYLE ROVERS: Kieran Kenrick, Edmond Burke, Noel Wall, David Foley, Billy Foley, Darren Nolan, Barry Molloy, Ger Mc Carthy, David Boland, Pádraic Hickey, Daniel Lyons, Darragh O’Dwyer, T J Wall 0-5, Anthony Burke 0-2 and Eoin Fogarty 0-1.

REFEREE: John Mc Conigley (Ballylooby-Castlegrace)

23/8/08: Kilsheelan were now through to the Semi Final against Ballyporeen at Cahir. Having lost to this opposition in the league stages no one could underestimate the challenge that lay ahead. There were some fine passages of play throughout, however on the negative side, it was often stop start due to many fouls mostly of a petty nature.

Kilsheelan started brightly and they had their opening score after two minutes. Pakie Larkin, from a sideline kick, picked out defender Michael Halpin and he drove forward and sent over the bar. Kilsheelan were dominating at this stage. Ian Coughlan took a free to Adrian Walsh for a further point. Coughlan himself got on the scoreboard for a third point after ten minutes. One minute later Ballyporeen were off the mark with a pointed free from County Minor Star Conor Sweeney. They then had a chance of a goal. A quickly taken free caught the Kilsheelan defence off guard only for Noel Ryan to clear off the line. Ian Coughlan, from a free, restored Kilsheelan’s three point margin. All was to change quickly as Ballyporeen hit a purple patch. Conor Sweeney opened up the Kilsheelan defence, passed to Thomas Molan who had come on as a sub, and he shot to the net. They went ahead for the first time when David Hyland sent over and Darragh Lyons did likewise after a solo run to leave them leading by 1-3 to 0-4 after twenty one minutes. Kilsheelan’s Michael Mc Hugh pointed a free that was brought forward for dissent. Kilsheelan regained the initiative and despite good approach work they squandered a goal chance and their only reward was a pointed free by Mc Hugh. Ballyporeen again hit the front with a well worked point by David Hyland and this left his side ahead at the interval by 1-4 to 0-6 a lead Kilsheelan could claim might have been different had they taken a number of gilt edged chances.

When play resumed Kilsheelan were quickly on level terms. Good approach work by John Noonan resulted in a point by Michael McHugh. They again went ahead when Pakie Larkin pointed. It was again stalemate when Darragh Lyons, showing a fine turn of peed, sent over the bar. In the thirty ninth minute Ballyporeen had a further goal. Larry Brophy took a pass from sub Kevin Kenneally and he slammed the ball to the corner of the net. Eoin Ryan, who was coming more into the game, reduced the leeway with a point while Michael Mc Hugh was also on the mark and the lead was again down to the minimum. Kilsheelan’s comeback was again halted when Ballyporeen had their third goal after thirty eight minutes. The ball broke loose in the Kilsheelan goalmouth and Sean Sweeney, who also had come on as a sub, forced the ball over the line to leave his side leading by 3-5 to 0-10. Some minutes later Ballyporeen were hit a body blow when Shane Molan received a second yellow card. Michael Mc Hugh pointed for Kilsheelan. His side continued to dictate matters. A careless pass was seized on by Conor Sweeney and he shot a fine point from far out. Kilsheelan had left themselves with a lot of work to do. Naoise O Cuinneagain, coming up from defence, sent over the bar while Michael Mc Hugh sent over from a free to leave it at 3-6 to 0-13 after fifty six minutes. The game was now at an exciting point as fourteen man Ballyporeen were clinging to a two point advantage. Kilsheelan were attacking in waves. Eoin Ryan shot a point after a forty metre run. Ballyporeen looked to have matters under control when Kevin Kenneally sent over from long distance. With time almost up Eoin Ryan reduced the leeway to the minimum. Kilsheelan went in search of an equaliser and were awarded a free about thirty metres out. Michael Mc Hugh was entrusted with the pressure kick and he made no mistake and both sides lived to fight another day.

BALLYPOREEN: Jack English, Paul Hennessy, Fergal Mc Loughlin, Eanna Meaney, Shane Molan, Joe English, Paul Hyland, Davy Hyland 0-2, Mick Kenneally, Conor Sweeney 0-2, Michael Hanrahan, Darragh Lyons 0-2, Paudie Fitzgerald, Kevin Kenneally 0-1 and Larry Brophy 1-0.

SUBS: M J Meaney for Paudie Fitzgerald, Sean Sweeney 1-0 for Davy Hyland, Thomas Molan 1-0 for Michael Hanrahan and Mike Farrell for Paul Hyland.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Naoise O Cuinneagain 0-1, Jimmy Ryan, Noel Ryan, Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan, Michael Halpin 0-1 John Roche, Eoin Ryan 0-2, Pakie Larkin 0-1, Keith Robinson, Michael Mc Hugh 0-8, Ian Coughlan 0-2, Adrian Walsh 0-1 and John Noonan.

SUBS: Edward Sweeney for Keith Robinson.

REFEREE: Keith Delahunty (Moyle Rovers)

30/8/08: The replay took place one week later and Cahir was again the venue. Kilsheelan dominated the game for long stages and had they put the finishing touches to many goal chances created over the hour the margin at the end would have been far greater. While Kilsheelan were on top for most of the game scores were slow in coming with the sides level at 0-3 each with twenty six minutes played. Ballyporeen, through the accuracy of Conor Sweeney from frees, kept in touch and it was only in the closing stages of the game that Kilsheelan could put any comfortable margin between the sides. Ballyporeen suffered a major setback in the closing minutes of the first half when they conceded a penalty which was converted by Michael Mc Hugh to give his side a two point lead going into the second half.

Ballyporeen were first to score when Conor Sweeney pointed a close in free five minutes into the game. It took Kilsheelan five more minutes of play to register their first score a point from play by Michael Mc Hugh. Kilsheelan pressed stongly in the first quarter but had only a number of wides to show for it until Michael Mc Hugh put his side ahead with a pointed free. Ballyporeen came more into the game in the second quarter and a shot by Thomas Molan across the goal shaved the goalpost as it went wide. The same player who was causing some difficulty for the Kilsheelan defence scored a fine point to level the game after a good patch of play for Ballyporeen. Kilsheelan lost their full back Jim Ryan through injury and had to make some adjustments to their side with Donnacha Lonergan coming on in the forward line.Points by Conor Sweeney free and Eoin Ryan from play left the sides level again with twenty six minutes played. Ballyporeen took the lead again with a Conor Sweeney point but Kilsheelan attacked strongly in the closing minutes of the half and the hard pressed Ballyporeen defence conceded a penalty which was put away by Michael Mc Hugh. Ballyporeen came back quickly from this reverse and had a pointed free from Conor Sweeney. As the half came to a close a well worked move upfield resulted in Adrian Walsh sending over a fine point to leave the half time score Kilsheelan Kilcash 1-4 Ballyporeen 0-5

Ballyporeen started the second half well with a point from a '45 by midfielder Sean Sweeney. Kilsheelan then piled on the pressure and the Ballyporeen defence were stretched on many occasions as some excellent moves by Kilsheelan put their goal under threat. Ed Sweeney had a great goal chance seven minutes into the half but opted for the point. Ian Coughlan followed with a good point from a placed ball after Pakie Larkin was fouled going through and when half back Michael Halpin came upfield to score a fine point Kilsheelan were on their way to victory. Ballyporeen came back with points from Conor Sweeney free and Darragh Lyons from play but two points from Michael Mc Hugh both from placed balls left Kilsheelan ahead by a two point margin midway through the half. David Hyland pointed for Ballyporeen to narrow the gap and from the kickout a fast move downfield resulted in Adrian Walsh having the goal at his mercy his shot however was smothered and from the clearance Pakie Larkin got possession and his shot at goal was brilliantly saved by Jack English in the Ballyporeen goal, his clearance went out for a sideline ball which was pointed by Michael Mc Hugh in what was possibly the score of the game. Kilsheelan increased their lead when Eddie Sweeney pointed when again a goal was on the cards. Ballyporeen made a strong effort in the closing stages to turn the game around but came up against stiff resistance from the Kilsheelan defence.

Centreback Joe English moved upfield to score a fine point for Ballyporeen but Kilsheelan replied with a similar score from John Roche. Kilsheelan had a let off when a shot heading goalwards was saved by David Power who somehow got his leg to the ball. Conor Sweeney had a fine point for Ballyporeen to bring his tally over the hour to six. Kilsheelan attacked again as the game went into the final minutes and Donnacha Lonergan had a goal chance saved. Eoin Ryan, who was outstanding for Kilsheelan, closed his sides account with a fine point from play to ensure his side's victory and a place in the Final.

Kilsheelan’s defence played exceptionally well with Naoise O Cuinneagain in particular catching the eye. Eoin Ryan was outstanding at midfield ably assisted by John Roche and while the forwards combined well at times they failed to convert some golden opportunities presented to them. Ballyporeen will be disappointed to relinquish their Title. They tried hard all through but their defence was continually under pressure and up front they relied too much on Conor Sweeney from frees to keep them in touch.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Naoise O Cunneagain, Jim Ryan, Noel Ryan, Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan, Michael Halpin 0-1, John Roche 0-1, Eoin Ryan 0-2, Pakie Larkin, Adrian Walsh 0-1, Ian Coughlan 0-1, Edward Sweeney 0-2, Keith Robinson and Michael Mc Hugh 1-5

SUBS: John Noonan and Donnacha Lonergan.

BALLYPOREEN: Jack English, Eamon Meaney, Fergal Mc Loughlin, Paul Hennessy, Shane Molan, Joe English 0-1, Paul Hyland, Sean Sweeney 0-1, Michael Kenneally, Conor Sweeney 0-6, Thomas Molan 0-1, Darragh Lyons 0-1, M J Meaney, Kevin Kenneally and Larry Brophy.

SUB: David Hyland 0-1.

REFEREE: Paddy Russell (Emly)

6/9/08: The Final against Clonmel Og was fixed for Saturday 6th September. The Club requested a postponement, due to so many players being injured, after the two matches against Ballyporeen in successive weeks. The Board refused the request. An email was received on the Saturday morning that if the team did not field they would lose the match and also expulsion from the County Quarter Finals would be their lot.

Following a meeting at 3pm in the afternoon it was decided to play the game and they traveled to Ardfinnan to take on Clonmel Og. For Kilsheelan this was also a great display in the circumstances. Carrying so many injuries it was inevitable that they would fade late in the game. In the first half they could do no wrong with some tremendous scores which earned them a five point half time advantage. Damien McCarthy was introduced after the interval and had a hand in all of Kilsheelan’s second half scores. The first score of the game came after four minutes when Ian Coughlan pointed after a great passage of play. Whatever wind was there favoured Clonmel Og in the first half when from the fifth to tenth minute they had four wides before Kilsheelan got into there stride with John Roche and Eoin Ryan dominating the middle of the field from the tenth to seventeenth minute the team scored 1-2. The goal following a peach of a pass by Michael Halpin to the in running John Noonan, who placed the shot wide of Keith Madigan. Michael McHugh added two points from frees one a well struck ‘45 against the wind that put Kilsheelan firmly in the driving seat with a deserving lead of 1-3 to no score

The first score of the game for Clonmel Og did not come until eighteenth minute when John Crotty led the way with one of his forays into the opposing half slotted over from thirty metres but not to be outdone his opponent from the middle of the field Eoin Ryan got the point of the game when he ran at the Clonmel Og defence to stretch the margin back to six points for Kilsheelan. With injury time in the first half Clonmel Og got there second point of the half from Jonathan Donoghue who got a second  chance with the free in front of the Kilsheelan goal to leave the half time score Kilsheelan 1-4 Clonmel Og 0-2.

What ever happened in the Clonmel Og dressing room at half time remains a secret they came out after the break a totally different team and ran riot in all departments. They overhauled the midfield supremacy that Kilsheelan enjoyed in the opening half with Shane Kearney, Johnny Cagney, Conor Morrissey all setting up a running machine of Christy Aylward, Ian Purcell, providing Dwayne Burns and Jonathan Donoghue. The opportunities with scores coming in the first ten minutes, four points from Ian Purcell, Jonathan Donoghue 0-2, and Dwayne Burns an excellent 45 metre free to leave just one point between the sides. Kilsheelan introduced Damien McCarthy for Eddie Sweeney and he was placed at full forward and with his first touch was awarded a free that Michael McHugh pointed in the twelfth minute having been wide with a free and a 45 metre seven  minutes into the half to restore Kilsheelan’s two point advantage , but Clonmel Og had their own answer when within a minute Jonathon Donoghue got a point from a free but Kilsheelan then had there best spell of the second half when Damien McCarthy pointed from play in the eighteenth minute with the same player fouled in the twenty first minute to have Michael McHugh make no mistake in scoring a point from thirty five metres out to leave the score Kilsheelan 1-7 Clonmel Og 0-7 and ten minutes remaining.

This period posed the question who would last the pace the best and it was hardly surprising that Clonmel Og were the ones to step up a gear with a rapid four points from Michael Condon, Dwayne Burns, Christy Aylward and a Jonathan Donoghue free to go one up. They increased this to two when Dwayne Burns got a great point from play way out from forty metres near the sideline. Try as they might Kilsheelan counter attacks were breaking down but on one occasion near the end of the game Damien McCarthy got on the end of a ball that everyone thought was goal bound but went over the bar to leave the final score Clonmel Og 0-12 Kilsheelan 1-8

CLONMEL OG:  Keith Madigan, Aidan Fox, Mark Gregory, Brian Gentles, Michael Condon 0-1, Conor Morrissey, Christy Aylward 0-1, Shane Kearney, John Crotty 0-1 Johnny Cagney, Robbie Hickey, Ian Purcell 0-1 (Capt), Jonathan Donoghue 0-5, Dwayne Burns 0-3 and Malcolm O Connor.

SUBS: Noel Walsh and Colm O Mahony.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Noel Ryan, Martin Larkin, Ian Coughlan 0-2, Tommy Ryan, Michael Halpin , John Roche (Capt), Eoin Ryan, Donnacha Lonergan, Adrian Walsh, Michael McHugh 0-4, Eddie Sweeney, Keith Robinson and John Noonan 1-0.

SUBS: Damien McCarthy 0-2 and Pierce Larkin

REFEREE: Keith Delahunty.

30/9/08: The four week break to the County Quarter Final gave Kilsheelan the opportunity for the injured players to recover. Jimmy Ryan was still out while William Larkin was promoted from the Junior team. The match against Upperchurch-Drombane was played under lights in New Inn. Conditions were difficult for the players as it rained all through. If the standard of football was’nt out of the top drawer it proved to be an entertaining game all through.

It was very much a game of contrasting styles. Upperchurch were physically the stronger side and the damp conditions were more suited to them. They played a more direct style and their long kicking often caused uncertainty in the Kilsheelan defence especially in the opening quarter. The winners elected to play a short passing game. It proved effective until it often broke down near goal. Credit here to Upperchurch and their close marking tactics often dispossessed their opponents to set up counter attacks.

In the opening minutes Kilsheelan had two promising attacks that yielded nothing. Upperchurch broke upfield and Gerry Ryan sent a long delivery to the edge of the square. It was picked up by the unmarked Jody Brennan who had no trouble in finding the back of the net. They continued to press forward. Brian Phelan passed to Michael Ryan and he sent over the bar. At this early stage the South finalists looked to be in trouble. They finally opened their account after seven minutes. Michael Halpin started a passing movement out of defence culminating in an Eddie Sweeney point. Brian Phelan went on to point a close in free for the Mid standardbearers. His side continued to play well as the Kilsheelan defence came under pressure. A positional switch in this area brought about an improvement and Kilsheelan came more and more into the game. They had points from Pakie Larkin and Michael Mc Hugh from a free.

Upperchurch quickly hit back. A great cross field pass from Michael Ryan found the unmarked Gerry Ryan and he pointed from forty metres and Colm Stapleton added another point to leave his side ahead by 1-4 to 0-3 after seventeen minutes. Kilsheelan had a great chance of drawing closer. Damien Mc Carthy got inside the Upperchurch defence only for their goalkeeper David Carey to make a point blank save. Some minutes later he was again called into action when he kept out an ambitious effort from Eoin Ryan on the twenty metre line. However, they were rewarded with a point when Pakie Larkin put Adrian Walsh through. Upperchurch again went on the attack, they availed of some slack marking in the Kilsheelan defence for Gerry Ryan to send over the bar. Kilsheelan’s short passing game became more fluent in the closing stages of the half. Martin Larkin passed to his brother Pakie and he shot over the bar from close range when he might have gone for goal and just before the interval Michael Mc Hugh added a further point to leave Upperchurch ahead by 1-5 to 0-6.

When play resumed it was Kilsheelan who started in a much more determined fashion and Adrian Walsh reduced the lead to the minimum when he pointed. Upperchurch again stretched their lead when one of their best players Gerry Ryan again found the gap between the uprights. Adrian Walsh began to leave his mark outfield, he made a great forty metre run and shot over the bar. His side drew level after forty minutes when Michael Mc Hugh pointed a free. Kilsheelan were now playing with ever increasing confidence. Moments later Michael Mc Hugh put them ahead, from a free, after Paul Denn was pulled down. They continued to attack and Pakie Larkin again found the range to put his side two points up. Despite all the rain ground conditions were quite good and the closeness of the scoring only added to the excitement. Kilsheelan were now in the driving seat and one thought that they would pull further ahead. However, the Mid champions were not going to give up without a fight and David Power in the Kilsheelan goal had to be alert on a number of occasions to keep his net intact. In this area he was also getting great assistance from William Larkin. Kilsheelan weathered this storm and broke upfield. Michael Mc Hugh, sent a long delivery to Keith Robinson who sent over the bar. In the last couple of minutes Upperchurch laid siege on the Kilsheelan goal. A goal at this stage would likely have forced the game to extra time. This looked a possibility when Pat Shortt gained possession at close range but drove the ball high and wide. While Upperchurch pushed them all the way, one would have to say that, the more skillful side won out in the end by 0-12 to 1-6.

Best for Kilsheelan were David Power, William Larkin, Michael Halpin, John Roche, Adrian Walsh, Pakie Larkin and Michael McHugh. For Upperchurch David Carey, Padraig Stapleton, Andy Kinane, Michael Ryan, Gerry Ryan and Jody Brennan did best.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Noel Ryan, William Larkin, Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan, Michael Halpin, John Roche (Capt), Eoin Ryan, Pakie Larkin 0-3, Adrian Walsh 0-3, Michael Mc Hugh 0-4, Damien Mc Carthy, Keith Robinson 0-1 and Eddie Sweeney 0-1.

SUBS: Jimmy Ryan for Noel Ryan, Paul Denn for Damien Mc Carthy and Donnacha Lonergan for Pakie Larkin and Ian Coughlan for Eddie Sweeney.

UPPERCHURCH-DROMBANE: David Carey, Seamus Griffin, Padraig Stapleton, Matt Ryan, Andy Kinane, Donal Carey, Joe Maguire, Pat Shortt, L J Ryan, Gerry Ryan 0-3, Michael Ryan 0-1, Conor O’Dwyer, Colm Stapleton 0-1, Jody Brennan 1-0 and Brian Phelan 0-1.

REFEREE: Paddy Russell (Emly)

19/10/08: A gale force wind made conditions difficult at Ardfinnan for this County Intermediate Football Semi-Final which saw  Kilsheelan/Kilcash hold out for a narrowest of margins victory over a battling Golden/Kilfeacle in a well contested game

The wind blew mainly across the pitch and whatever advantage it yielded looked to favour Golden in the opening half.  They almost had a goal in the third minute when Shane Stapleton set up Michael Harding with a glorious opportunity but his shot was brilliantly saved by goalie David Power at the expense of a point.  At the other end Paul Denn placed Patrick Larkin for the equaliser before Damien Fogarty soloed through to restore Golden's lead. Kilsheelan were back on terms in the 12th minute when Michael McHugh pointed a free and he repeated the process three minutes later to edge the South side in front for the first time.  McHugh soon made it a hat-trick of points when he soloed through to extend the Kilsheelan lead but with the game swinging from end to end in exciting fashion Jim Bob McCarthy got one back for the men from the West Division.   James Tierney had the side’s level again in the 23rd minute when he dispossessed William Larkin and wrong footed the defence to kick a fine point.  A minute later the same player was on hand to finish off a splendid movement involving Michael Harding and Shane Stapleton and Golden were back in front.

As Golden piled on the pressure Tierney got two great opportunities to score a goal but his first effort rebounded off the crossbar and the second was smothered by a defender.  David Power in the Kilsheelan goal was again called on for a smart save and from the resultant forty-five Damien Fogarty spotted Daithi Bargary all alone and he duly kicked the point.   The same player added a second within two minutes and Kilsheelan were three points down and struggling when Michael McHugh yielded them some relief with a point from a free in the closing minute of the half to leave it 0-7 to 0-5 in Golden's favour at the change of ends.

Kilsheelan dominated the opening minutes of the second period to such an extent that they were in front within five minutes of the restart with unanswered points from Pierce Larkin, Michael McHugh from a free and a second Pierce Larkin effort.   However, Golden regained their composure and the teams were level again when Shane Stapleton was fouled and pointed the resultant free.  In the 43rd minute a long raking clearance out of defence by John Roche led to the decisive score of the game.

Damien McCarthy flicked the ball on to the unmarked Edward Sweeney and the corner forward had no difficulty in rounding goalie Gavin Ryan to notch the only goal of the game.  Yet again, however, Golden showed their mettle by refusing to yield and they clawed their way back with two successive points from James Tierney before Michael McHugh from a free restored the gap to two points.Tierney again raised Golden's hopes with a fine point from play as they entered the final ten minutes.

Kilsheelan had an opportunity at the other end but Golden goalie Gavin Ryan saved well before James Tierney who was now exerting a major influence on the game kicked the equaliser after a 1-2 with Jim Bob McCarthy.  Three minutes now remained and when Patrick Larkin was fouled in front of goal Michael McHugh had no difficulty in edging Kilsheelan in front once more. A minute later Kilsheelan got the insurance point via another McHugh free but Golden again refused to bow the knee and in injury time James Tierney pointed a free to again reduce the deficit to the minimum.   With excitement running high and tempers becoming frayed Golden launched a final attack that petered out at the corner flag and referee Kissane called full time. Kilsheelan gained the spoils and now go forward to try and reverse South Final form with a tilt at Clonmel Og on a scoreline of 1-11 to 0-13.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Naoise O' Cuinneagain, William Larkin, Noel Ryan, Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan, Ian Coughlan, John Roche, Eoin Ryan, Paul Denn, Patrick Larkin 0-1, Michael Halpin, Michael McHugh 0-8, Pierce Larkin 0-2 and Edward Sweeney 1-0.

SUB:  Damien McCarthy for Michael Halpin and Paul Denn for Keith Robinson.

GOLDEN-KILFEACLE: Gavin Ryan, Stuart Beattie, Sean Carr, Michael Stapleton, Daithi Bargary 0-1,Paddy Ivers, Damien Fogarty 0-1, Jim Bob McCarthy 0-1, David Kelly, Paul Fogarty, Aidan Fogarty, Shane Stapleton, James Tierney 0-7, Michael Harding 0-1 and Brendan Moloney.

SUB: Cathal Hayes for Brendan Moloney.

REFEREE: John Kissane (Eire Og, Nenagh).

26/10/08: Clonmel Og recorded the greatest success in their 24 year history by confirming South final form with Kilsheelan/Kilcash and gaining a first ever County Intermediate Football Championship title before a large and enthusiastic attendance at a windswept Monroe

The stakes were high for both sides as Kilsheelan were also seeking a first County title in the grade but the Clonmel side had the added incentive of achieving senior status for the first time.  That they succeeded was a fine tribute to players and mentors alike and they left no doubt as to their superiority on the day as on the run of play they would not have been flattered by a larger winning margin.That said the Kilsheelan challenge was never really written off until the outstanding John Crotty kicked the insurance point deep in injury time and who knows what might have transpired had substitute Damian McCarthy availed of a gilt edged goal scoring chance for Kilsheelan in the 47th minute.  

Clonmel Og were extremely well prepared and as in previous games started in lightning fashion as a fine move from the throw-in saw Robbie Hickey,  John Crotty and Malcolm O'Connor all combine splendidly before setting up Johnny Cagney for a superb opening point. Within a minute they struck again when Cagney gained possession, passed to John Crotty and the towering full-forward placed Malcolm O'Connor with a fine scoring chance. His effort looked like going over the bar but fell short and goalie David Power had to stretch back to gain possession.  He was deemed to have crossed the goal line and Kilsheelan/Kilcash already had a mountain to climb after just two minutes play.   They settled down however and Michael McHugh from a free opened their scoring account with a sixth minute point.

Whilst a very strong wind blowing across the field was making matters difficult also a   heavy shower exacerbated the situation but Kilsheelan kept up the pressure and Michael McHugh added a second point from a free. Kilsheelan were now carrying the fight to their opponents and they struck gold in the 17th minute when a harmless looking high ball dropping in the Clonmel square was fumbled by the defence and Pierce Larkin was on hand to shoot to the net.  Clonmel Og got back into it for a spell but weae off target  they suffered a second massive blow in the 22nd minute.  A long range Kilsheelan free was taken by John Roche and once again the Clonmel back line was made to look very vulnerable as a defender conceded the goal and Kilsheelan were now back in the driving seat    It was now Clonmel's turn to display their fighting spirit and after a Kilsheelan defender had cleared off the line with goalie Power down injured a Dwayne Burns line ball was fisted out by the now recovered keeper but the ball broke to Robbie Hickey who blasted to the net for the score they so badly needed.  A superb solo and point from Dwayne Burns brought the half to a close with the game evenly balanced at 2-2 each.  Clonmel Og, however, had shot six wides as against Kilsheelan's two.

Clonmel Og were again very smartly away from traps and within seconds of the restart were back in front when Dwayne Burns finished a fine passing move with a smashing point.  At the other end a Michael McHugh free found Pakie Larkin and he duly levelled the scoring.  The Clonmel side began to have the better of the exchanges as the tempo of the game slowed but they failed to transfer their superiority into scores until the 40th minute when Dwayne Burns placed wing-back Michael Condon for a neat point that was quickly followed by an Ian Purcell point initiated by good work from John Crotty.   A fine catch and kick from Crotty extended the Clonmel lead to three points but though now well on top they found it hard to put their opponents away with several good scoring chances going a begging.   The 47th minute proved crucial when a long ball from the Kilsheelan defence found Damian McCarthy all alone with only the goalie to beat but he shot hastily and ballooned the ball over the bar.  At the other hand a great diving save from David Power at the expense of a 45 denied Clonmel Og a goal but Dwayne Burns converted the placekick in expert fashion and Clonmel led by 2-7 to 2-4 with nine minutes remaining.  Kilsheelan refused to surrender and Pierce Larkin reduced the deficit with a magnificent point.

Naoise O Cuinneagain powering forward from defence was unlucky to see his great effort rebound off the upright and the same player was wide with another scoring effort as Kilsheelan gave it their all.   They lost centre forward Patrick Larkin for a second bookable offence as the game entered injury time and a beautifully taken free from Dwayne Burns restored Clonmel's three point advantage.  Clonmel Og celebrations began as Paddy Russell sounded "the final whistle" on a final score of 2-8 to 2-5.

It proved a marvellous occasion for the Clonmel Og club and every player played his part in what was for them a glorious victory and a major milestone in their history.  On the day every man was a hero but pride of place has to be given to veteran John Crotty who was a commanding figure throughout and proved an inspiration for his colleagues.   Others deserving of special mention are Dwayne Burns, Michael Condon, Malcolm O'Connor, Ian Purcell, Conor Morrissey, Brian Gentles, Noel Walsh and last but certainly not least outstanding midfielders Shane Kearney and Johnny Cagney.  The team now steps up to senior ranks which is a huge challenge.   It is also a marvellous opportunity and it can only be of benefit to the game of football in Tipperary that the County's capital which has had Commercials flying the flag alone for many years will once again have two senior teams.

Kilsheelan/Kilcash contributed their share to a very entertaining tussle.  They are finding it hard to climb the final hurdle in this particular championship but their turn will surely come.  They were best served by Pierce Larkin, John Roche, Michael McHugh, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Tommy & Eoin Ryan and goalie David Power.

CLONMEL OG: Keith Madigan, Colin O'Mahoney, Conor Morrissey, Brian Gentles, Michael Condon 0-1, Noel Walsh, Christopher Aylward, John Cagney 0-1, Shane Kearney  Malcolm O'Connor 1-0, Robbie Hickey 1-0, Ian Purcell 0-1, Dwayne Burns 0-4, John Crotty 0-1 and Jonathan O'Donoghue.

SUB: Karl Kearney for Jonathan O'Donoghue

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: David Power, Noel Ryan, Jimmy Ryan, William Larkin, Martin Larkin, Tommy Ryan, Naoise O Cuinneagain, John Roche 1-0, Eoin Ryan, Pierce Larkin 1-1, Pakie Larkin, Ian Coughlan, Michael McHugh 0-3, Paul Denn and Eddie Sweeney. 

SUBS: Damian McCarthy 0-1 for Ian Coughlan and Michael Halpin for Jimmy Ryan

REFEREE: Paddy Russell (Emly)


Teams were affiliated in both grades but due to insufficient players and an inordinate number of injuries the Club had to withdraw from both competitions.


At the AGM it was decided not to enter a team as there were some players good enough for the Intermediate team who wanted to play in this competition thus weakening the Intermediate team.


Having lost all seven matches in 2007, there was a proposal at the AGM to seek a return to Junior ranks and this was narrowly defeated.

17/5/08: The first match was against St Mary’s in Carrick. Kilsheelan started promisingly and inspired by midfielder Niall Cloona they quickly established a four point lead and were hurling well. Having won their opening match St Mary’s unbeaten record was under threat. After ten minutes they got to grips with the game and as the half wore on they were having an ever increasing influence on the contest. The defence were on top and their task was made easier by a Kilsheelan attack that lacked a cutting edge around goal. In this area Declan Costello, Donnacha Fahey and Noel O’Mahony reined supreme. Further afield their excellent teamwork was often turned into scores.

The second half continued in a similar vein and the winners never looked to be in danger of being overhauled. Their total of 2-12 looked impressive enough but in an overall context if one takes away Kevin Dempsey’s points from frees and his well taken goal he would need greater support in subsequent rounds. Kilsheelan lacked little in spirit but their fitness levels became more and more exposed.

Kilsheelan opened the scoring after three minutes when Keith Robinson found the unmarked Niall Cloona and he sent over the bar. William Larkin, who was also a force, was on target from a free, half way out and near the sideline. Kilsheelan were now showing great determination and St Mary’s looked a very unsettled side. John Roche pointed when his side were awarded a free in front of goal. The influential Niall Cloona had his side’s second point when he received a pass from Pakie Larkin. Kilsheelan failed to score for the remainder of the half. St Mary’s had to wait until the ninth minute for their opening score when Kevin Dempsey pointed a free from sixty metres. Three minutes later they were on level terms. A long delivery into the Kilsheelan goal was blocked out. Kevin Dempsey picked up and raced through the Kilsheelan defence to shoot a goal. Tadgh Ryan put them ahead when he pointed out near the sideline. In the twentieth minute Kevin Dempsey pointed while Paul O’Mahony was also on target. Kilsheelan also had their chances but failed to take them and at half time St Mary’s led by 1-4 to 0-4.

When play resumed John Roche pointed a free for Kilsheelan while Kevin Dempsey did likewise at the other end and he also pointed a’65. John Roche found the unmarked Martin Larkin and he shot an excellent point. Paul O’Mahony added a further point after forty six minutes to leave his side leading by 1-8 to 0-6. Kevin Dempsey again pointed when he received a cross field pass from Brian McDonnell and he also went on to add a point from a free. Kilsheelan were making very little impression upfront with most of their second half scores coming from frees and again John Roche pointed by this route. From the puck-out defender Noel O’Mahony sent over the bar from long range. In the fifty second minute the winners had their second goal. Fergal Condon got possession and easily raced through the Kilsheelan defence and gave the advancing goalkeeper Ian Coughlan no chance. In the closing stages Pakie Larkin had a Kilsheelan point but the winners had the last say when Kevin Dempsey pointed a free to leave his side ten point winners on a scoreline of 2-12 to 0-8.

ST MARY’S: Paul Wynne, Brendan Costello, Donnacha Fahey, Barry Gibbons, Noel O’Mahony 0-1, Declan Power, Brian Carroll, Ger Corcoran, Tadgh Ryan 0-1, Benny Walsh, Kevin Dempsey 1-8, Paul O’Mahony 0-2, Niall Kelly, Brian Mc Donnell and Fergal Condon 1-0.

SUBS: David Hoyne for Ger Corcoran.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Ian Coughlan, Noel Ryan, Dan O’Connor, Niall Walsh, Darren Mc Carthy, William Larkin 0-1, Keith Condon. Niall Cloona 0-2, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Martin Larkin 0-1, Brendan Butler,  Patrick Larkin 0-1, Senan O’Halloran, John Roche 0-3 and Keith Robinson.

SUBS: John Noonan for Keith Condon (inj), Donnacha Lonergan for Keith Robinson and Edward Sweeney for Senan O’Halloran.

REFEREE: Andy Moloney (Cahir)

27/5/08: Apart from the opening ten minutes, last year’s All Ireland Junior Hurling finalists Moyle Rovers were the dominant side when they easily overcame Kilsheelan at Davin Park.

As in their previous encounter Kilsheelan made an immediate impact but once again they were unable to maintain it. In this period Keith Robinson, Niall Cloona, John Roche and William Larkin led the way but in the end they were a well beaten side. Having fielded understrength they were further hit by injuries incurred in the second half. The scoreline may not have done justice to them. They could point to the fact that some of the goals were of the soft variety while at the other end their full forward line should have taken goal chances against a Moyle Rovers full back line that did not always inspire confidence.

The winners were much the slicker side and with last year’s County minor Sean Carey giving a man of the match performance they will be a force to be reckoned with in the remaining rounds. Their half back line of Sean Keating, Martin Dunne and Barry Whelan were often the springboard for their impressive tally. Their youthful side showed some fine teamwork all through. Whenever one of them were under pressure they were always able to find a willing colleague for a pass. Their attack had the Kilsheelan defence under continuous pressure. While Declan Browne had a tally of 1-3, William Larkin still did a good job in keeping him at bay.

Kilsheelan opened the scoring inside forty seconds when Keith Robinson pointed. Good work by Niall Cloona gave John Roche the chance to double his side’s tally. One minute later Moyle Rovers went ahead for the first time. Sean Carey raced through the Kilsheelan defence and gave their goalkeeper no chance. After nine minutes Keith Robinson put Kilsheelan on level terms with a point. From the puckout, Ger Butler restored Moyle Rovers lead with a point. John Roche, who earlier had a shot blocked from a twenty yard free, this time settled for a point from much further out. Declan Browne pointed for Rovers and then passed to Sean Carey who did likewise. At the other end Adrian Walsh got on the scoreboard with a point. After fourteen minutes the winners had their second goal. Barry Whelan’s speculative lob eluded one and all and ended up in the net and at this juncture Moyle Rovers looked the likely winners. Undeterred by this scenario, Brendan Butler and John Roche added points for Kilsheelan. Declan Browne sent over the bar for the winners and had his side’s third goal after twenty one minutes. He pulled overhead on a Ronan Desmond delivery and connected perfectly to give his side a lead of 3-5 to 0-7. This was followed by a point from Denis Mc Grath from out near the sideline. Kilsheelan, who had’nt scored in a while, had a point from Martin Larkin after a pass from his brother Pakie. The winners finished the half with two further points from Sean Carey and once again the Kilsheelan defence was exposed when Paul Johnson pounced for a goal and at half time his side led by 4-7 to 0-8.

When play resumed Declan Browne increased his sides tally with a point. Kilsheelan goalkeeper Ian Coughlan was injured when making a brave effort to save a shot, had to leave the field and was replaced by Donnacha Lonergan in the goal. From the resultant ’65 Sean Carey found the target. It was now looking ominous for Kilsheelan as Moyle Rovers had further points from Ger Butler, Denis Mc Grath and Sean Carey while John Roche had one for Kilsheelan. After forty nine minutes Denis

Mc Grath added to Kilsheelan’s misery when he drove a ground shot to the net. John Roche went in search of a Kilsheelan goal and after a determined run the ball screamed over the bar. In the closing minutes Moyle Rovers had a point from Kevin Condon and a further goal from Ger Butler. His namesake Brendan replied with one for Kilsheelan and the Powerstown side had the last say with points from Denis Mc Grath and Sean Carey to leave them emphatic winners by 6-15 to 0-11.

MOYLE ROVERS: Ian Browne, Liam Redmond, Padraig Kelly, Pádraic Hickey, Sean Keating, Martin Dunne, Barry Whelan 1-0, Sean Carey 1-6, John Shanahan, Kevin Condon  0-1, Ger Butler 1-1, Ronan Desmond 0-1, Denis Mc Grath 1-3, Paul Johnson 1-0 and Declan Browne 1-3.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Ian Coughlan, William Larkin, Noel Ryan, Paul Kennedy, Darren Mc Carthy, Niall Walsh, Pakie Larkin, Niall Cloona, Naoise O Cuinneagain, Adrian Walsh 0-2, Brendan Butler 0-2, Keith Robinson 0-2, Donnacha Lonergan, Martin Larkin 0-1 and John Roche 0-4.

SUBS: Dan O’Connor for Noel Ryan, Senan O’Halloran for Naoise O Cuinneagain, Edward Sweeney for Ian Coughlan.

REFEREE: Andy Moloney (Cahir).

20/6/08: Clonmel was the venue for the next match against Carrick Davins. In the opening minutes Kilsheelan forced two ‘65’s and Bill Larkin was on the mark from the second attempt. John Roche was fouled going through and he pointed the resultant free. Davins had their first score after six minutes when Michael Cronin pointed a free. As Davins came more into the game the Kilsheelan defence were penalised twice and Michael Cronin sent over. The opening goal came after ten minutes when Shane Butler was fouled and his side were awarded a penalty. Lee Mackey came up to take the free and his low shot went to the back on the net. They stretched their lead further when John Murphy pointed while at the other end Damien Mc Carthy did likewise. This sequence continued when Lee Mackey pointed a ’65. Kilsheelan reduced the leeway to four points when John Roche grabbed Brendan Butler’s sideline cut and sent over the bar. In the last five minutes of the half Ian O’Dwyer pointed following a John Murphy pass. Lee Mackey had a further point from far out. Just before the break Davins again attacked, Kilsheelan failed to clear, Shane Butler gathered and he had the easy task of getting his side’s second goal and at half time it was the Reds who led by 2-7 to 0-4.

When play resumed Noel Butler’s fine run brought a great save from Ian Coughlan at the expense of a ’65 and Lee Mackey pointed. Marksmen John Roche and Michael Cronin were again on target from frees. Lee Mackey again showed his free-taking qualities when he pointed from beyond his own ’65. Kilsheelan were awarded a free from half way and William Larkin was also on the mark. Kilsheelan’s only goal arrived after forty four minutes. Niall Cloona’s delivery was gathered by Damien Mc Carthy, his kicked effort was blocked, but he made no mistake at the second attempt. Any hopes of a

Kilsheelan comeback were quickly snuffed out when Michael Cronin pointed a free. This was followed by a great run by John Murphy through the Kilsheelan defence, he laid off to sub Paul Tobin, to shoot another goal. Two pointed frees by Cronin extended his sides lead by 3-13 to 1-6. John Roche made a determined effort to find the net but his kicked attempt skimmed over the bar. John Murphy again added to his side’s total. In the closing stages Ian Coughlan made two fine saves. His side had the last say when John Roche pointed from play and also from a free but it was Carrick Davins who ran out clear winners by 3-14 to 1-9.

Kilsheelan started well but once the Carrick side hit the front they never looked like being overtaken. Davins half back line led the way with Lee Mackey’s long range free-taking being one of the game’s highlights. Beside him he got good support from Willie O’Dwyer. Michael Cronin had a fine game in the centre of the field while his marksmanship from free-taking was also a plus. Up front they looked promising at times, however, their tally of 2-3 should have been higher based on the amount of possession they got. One would have to say that John Murphy put in a great second half. In an overall context there is room for vast improvement if they are to maintain their title ambitions.

Kilsheelan are still in search of their first win after three outings and are finding it difficult to compete at this level. Ian Coughlan, who is one of the top goalkeepers in this grade, brought off a number of fine saves especially in the second half. While William Larkin and Tommy Ryan did well in defence, Niall Cloona got through a lot of work at midfield but got little reward for it. The attack got a fair share of possession but lacked the know-how in turning chances into scores. In this case they were too dependant on John Roche.

CARRICK DAVINS: Eddie Mc Grath, Michael Hackett, Jonathon Coady, Eoin Power, Lee Mackey 1-4, Willie O’Dwyer, Stephen Cronin, Michael Cronin 0-7, Philip Murphy, Pa Harris, Noel Butler, Ian O’Dwyer 0-1, Shane Butler 1-0, James Waters and John Murphy 0-2.

SUBS: Ger Robinson for Michael Hackett and Paul Tobin 1-0 for Noel Butler.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Ian Coughlan, Noel Ryan, Dan O’Connor, Keith Condon, Darren Mc Carthy, Tommy Ryan, William Larkin 0-2, Niall Cloona, Brendan Butler, Jason Fogarty, Adrian Walsh, Keith Robinson, Martin Larkin, John Roche 0-6 and Damien Mc Carthy 1-1.

SUBS: John Nolan for Jason Fogarty, Eoin Ryan for Keith Robinson, Donnacha Lonergan for Martin Larkin and Shane Prendergast for Dan O’Connor.

REFEREE: Pa Shelly (Killenaule)

28/6/08: At Cloneen Fethard were hot favourites when they took on Kilsheelan who were still seeking their first win. They started reasonably well but their attack was found wanting when turning chances into scores. This task was made more difficult when they were reduced to fourteen players after forty minutes. They did put in a determined effort over the hour but never looked like getting the upperhand over their more skilful opponents.

Kilsheelan were the first off the mark when Adrian Walsh pointed after one minute. Fethard were soon on level terms as Aidan Fitzgerald pointed a free. In the sixth minute Fethard were awarded a penalty. Aidan Fitzgerald’s shot was well saved by Ian Coughlan in the Kilsheelan goal but when the ball spun in the air the inrushing Benny Hahessy sent the ball to the net. Adrian Walsh went on to reduce the leeway with a Kilsheelan point. The winners were now coming more and more into the game. Benny Hahessy pointed from out near the sideline, Owen Doyle grabbed a high ball, broke through the Kilsheelan defence, and shot over the bar when a goal looked on. They had further points from Michael Spillane and Tomas Keane, from an Aidan Fitzgerald pass and they were also off target on a number of occasions.

Kilsheelan had to wait until the twenty fourth minute for their next score when John Roche was on target from a free to leave the score at 1-5 to 0-3 in favour of Fethard. The winners were back again for a further point from Aidan Fitzgerald, this time from an acute angle. John Roche reduced the leeway through a Kilsheelan pointed free but this was quickly cancelled by Fitzgerald as his side went on to lead at half time by 1-7 to 0-4.

When play recommenced Niall Cloona had a Kilsheelan point after a William Larkin pass. This brought an instant reply from Fethard’s Eoin O’Connell. Damien Mc Carthy was stopped on his tracks on route to the Fethard goal and John Roche was on the mark from the resultant free. Roche again found the range when he pointed from a difficult angle. The lead was now down to four points and briefly one wondered if Kilsheelan could make a recovery.  Fethard went on to score two further points. Dean Tobin, after good work by Tomas Keane, and a fine solo effort by Eoin O’Connell. After forty minutes Kilsheelan were reduced in numbers when William Larkin was sidelined. Aidan Fitzgerald and John Roche went on to exchange points. A few minutes later Fethard had their second goal. In a goalmouth melee Michael Spillane forced the ball over the line. In their next attack Ian Coughlan showed great agility in diverting Spillane’s powerful shot over the bar from close range. John Roche, from a free, had a Kilsheelan point and after fifty three minutes Kilsheelan led by 2-12 to 0-9. In the closing stages Brian Coen had a further Fethard point and Aidan Fitzgerald added another goal when he shot to the top left hand corner of the net to leave Fethard decisive winners by 3-13 to 0-9.

The game might have lacked the cut and thrust of the many clashes between these two sides down the years, however one would have to say, that there were some very well executed points over the hour. From an early stage Fethard got a grip on the game and they remained in control right to the end. They had a match winner in Aidan Fitzgerald. His high fielding posed a major threat. Whenever he got possession the Kilsheelan defence could do little to stop him. In an overall context the winners were much the sharper side and they also had the edge in teamwork. Defensively they were very solid but one would have to say that they were never really tested

Best for Fethard were Michel Ahearne, Michael Ryan, Cian Maher, Tomas Keane, Aidan Fitzgerald and Eoin O’Connell. For Kilsheelan Niall Walsh, Tommy Ryan, William Larkin, Niall Cloona, Adrian Walsh and John Roche did best.

.FETHARD: Paul Fitzgerald, Stephen O’Donnell, Michael Ahearne, James Kelly, Aidan Lonergan, Michael Ryan, Cian Maher, Christopher Sheehan, Tomas Keane, Benny Hahessy 1-1, Aidan Fitzgerald 1-6, Dean Tobin, Eoin O’Connell 0-2, Michael Spillane 1-2 and Owen Doyle 0-1.

SUBS: Brian Coen 0-1 for Owen Doyle, Declan Doyle for Christopher Sheehan, Alan O’Connor for Dean Tobin and John Leahy for Eoin O’Connell.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Ian Coughlan, Noel Ryan, Shane Prendergast, Niall Walsh, Darren Mc Carthy, Tommy Ryan, William Larkin, Niall Cloona 0-1, Brendan Butler, Adrian Walsh 0-2, Eoin Ryan, Keith Robinson, Damien Mc Carthy, John Roche 0-6 and Senan O’Halloran.

SUBS: Naoise O’Cuinneagain for Brendan Butler, Paul Kennedy for Niall Walsh, Martin Larkin for Keith Robinson, Pakie Larkin for Senan O’Halloran and Jason Fogarty for Noel Ryan.

REFEREE: Paddy Ivors (Ballingarry)

5/7/08: In round 5 of the championship Cahir were Kilsheelan-Kilcash’s opponents at Goatenbridge. Despite the very heavy rain the pitch was in excellent condition. The growing trend of unlined pitches was again in evidence. It is not fair on players or match officials and should not be tolerated by the Board. Both sides went into this match seeking their first win and it is hardly surprising that it turned out to be a low key game. The slippery conditions did not help and mistakes were the order of the day. Cahir just about deserved their win and were never headed. On the other hand if Kilsheelan had more punch in attack a closer finish would have been in the offing.

Cahir were off the mark in the opening minute when James Looby pointed a free and the same player went on to add one from play. The industrious Niall Cloona had Kilsheelan’s first score after seven minutes and three minutes later he put the side’s level. The winners went on to register a number of wides before James Looby put them ahead with a point from 65 metres out near the sideline. It should be noted that Looby was Cahir’s best player on the night and he finished with a tally of 1-8. They had further points from David Coffey, Tom O’Gorman and James Looby and after eighteen minutes their side led by 0-6 to 0-2. Brendan Butler went on to reduce the leeway with a point. It was now his side who were off target including a number of scoreable frees. In the closing stages of the half Cahir had two further points courtesy of Looby from a free and the same player sent over the bar after a well taken sideline cut by David Coffey which left his side ahead by 0-8 to 0-3 at the interval.

After the break Cahir were hit by a Kilsheelan scoring burst. They had a goal within thirty seconds when a John Roche delivery was blocked by Adrian Walsh and Damien Mc Carthy finished to the net.

John Roche pointed a free and also had one from play to put the side’s level. However, Cahir were quickly back in front. They were awarded a free which looked like a routine point for James Looby but this time he drove a hard shot for goal. Ian Coughlan partly stopped the shot but its momentum carried the ball to the corner of the net. Outstanding Full back Derek Davis came outfield and sent a long range free over the bar. John Roche showed a great turn of speed to race through the Cahir defence and resulted in a point by Adrian Walsh. Noel O’Gorman added a Cahir point and after forty one minutes Kilsheelan reduced the lead to a two point margin when John Roche was on target twice from frees. He then went on to add a further pointed free but that was as good as it got for his side. Cahir increased their lead with points from James Looby and Derek Davis. After fifty one minutes Kilsheelan had a great chance of goal in a goalmouth tussle but it resulted in a ’65 which John Roche pointed. In the closing stages David Coffey pointed for Cahir. Sub Eric Flannery had his side’s second goal after a good passing movement. Play was somewhat disintegrated in that closing period. There were several stops for minor injuries and well into injury time James Looby had the final score when he pointed from an acute angle to leave his side winners by 2-14 to 0-10. This result gives Cahir a mathematical chance of reaching the knockout stages but brings to an end Kilsheelan’s interest in the championship.

CAHIR: Brian Enright, Garvin Queeney, Derek Davis 0-2, Aidan Burke, Edmond Meehan, James Swords, John O’Brien, Liam O’Gorman, Tom O’Gorman 0-1, Noel O’Gorman 0-1, James Hyland, David Coffey 0-2, James Looby 1-8, Richard Sweetman and Paul Kearney.

SUBS: James Mc Grath for Richard Sweetman, Ger Halley for Paul Kearney, Eric Flannery 1-0 for James Swords (inj), Brendan English for Tom O’Gorman and Kevin Queeney for Edmond Meehan.

KILSHEELAN-KILCASH: Ian Coughlan, Noel Ryan, Shane Prendergast, Keith Condon. Darren Mc Carthy, Tommy Ryan, Pakie Larkin, Brendan Butler 0-1, Niall Cloona 0-2, Senan O’Halloran, Eoin Ryan, John Roche 0-6, Damien Mc Carthy 1-0, Adrian Walsh 0-1 and Keith Robinson.

SUBS: Naoise O’Cuinneagain for Keith Robinson and Donnacha Lonergan for Senan O’Halloran.

REFEREE: Willie Barrett (Ardfinnan)

The remaining matches against Ballyneale and Fr Sheehy’s were not played as Kilsheelan-Kilcash were already eliminated.








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